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RP7000 - Serato - MP3s running slowly RANDOMLY - Possibly faulty tone arm


  • Member
  • Computer: Windows 10
  • Reloop Product: RP-7000
  • Software: Serato DJ
07 March 2018, 09:08
Im running 2 brand new RP7000s with a Mixars DUO II and Serato DJ
One turntable keeps having a recurring but random fault.  Randomly, could be the 1st or the 50th MP3 I mix on that specific deck but I cue it up and it runs very slowly and distorted. I can resolve the issue by reseating the cartridge (Ortofon) but it re-occurs at a later random time, could be the next tune could be 3 days later. Its very frustrating!!  I suspect the connectors in the tone arm may be faulty, are there any known issues with the tone arm?

Ive tried all of the following things to resolve it -
swapping the cartridges over from the other deck
restarting Serato DJ
rebooting my laptop (Windows 10)
disconnecting and reconnecting the cabling
powering off and back on the mixer

Please help?