RMX90DVS + RP7000mk2 + CDJ350 + Serato DJ


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  • Computer: Windows 10
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  • Software: Serato DJ
07 February 2018, 22:03
Hi there. I'm fresh so I want to say Hello.

So I've got a problem.
I have RMX90DVS + RP7000mk2 and it's really great. I wasn't expecting so much great feelings about this and yet I have. Really nice turntables, works great.
So then I've thought that I could have some CDJ's.
Bought CDJ350 and now I'm confused.
Just connect like the turntables (only RCA cables), put Control CD burned few minutes ago, switch to DVS on mixer and CD's doesn't work. No signal in Serato.
I've got some thoughts, that maybe I had to connect mixer and CDJ's via USB cable to USB HUB in mixer? Am I right?
Will I face any other problems after connecting it? Like will I have to do something else?
I have no USB cable right now, must buy tomorrow so now I want to do research.
Thank you in advance


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  • Software Version: 2.11.0
08 February 2018, 17:18
Hi Markski,
Please read the Manual Point 5.2.3 --- USB input for Timecode....  The default setting for Ch2/3 ist Phono ! So if you like to use CDJ on this Port please switch in Utility Menue. Or use Chanel 1/4 and set Menue to CD.