macOS Sierra and Reloop RMX 90-DVS


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  • Computer: Windows 7
  • Reloop Product: RMX-90DVS
  • Software: Serato DJ
06 October 2017, 06:03
Hello Guys,

i have a Question. How is the possibility so that Reloop RMX 90 DVS with macOS Sierra works?

Are there already announcements?
I have a Macbook Air with the operating system macOS Sierra.

Best Regards


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  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Reloop Product: RMX-90DVS
  • Software: Serato DJ
  • Software Version: 1.9.6
06 October 2017, 09:32
Hello DJiBeatZ,

this is mostly a software question. With MacOS Sierra we got no problems with the RMX-90 DVS.
It works plug & play without any driver needed.
MacOS Sierra High isn't proved yet. I recommend you always to check Serato's webpage to be sure that all is checked when Apple brings out a new Update.

Kind regards,

Your Reloop Support Team