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I wish.


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07 February 2013, 00:15
There was some way to program the TM4 so the LEDs light up all the time. Or else I need to learn to manouver this controller blindfolded...


  • Guest
16 February 2013, 16:42
If you're using Traktor i am sure there is a way to do this via the mapping.



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18 February 2013, 23:12
Absolutely using Traktor. Maybe Google has some answers for me.. :)

Loving the TM4 btw, awesome controller.


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  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Firmware Version: 19
  • Reloop Product: Terminal Mix 8
  • Software: Traktor Pro
  • Software Version: 2.11.0
18 February 2013, 23:41
Sorry the Tm4 is Designed as a USB ONLY POWERED Controller.
So it is impossible with these Layout to light up all Buttons.
Maybe in Future Reloop will create a new Firmware with these Feature . But therefore you need a power supply !


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19 February 2013, 09:26
I thought about setting a not (yet) used modifiere in the Controller Manager on 'always' activated, an set all out LED in these mapping with only this modifier condition.