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Reloop IQ2 Midi: New firmware for use with SERATO VIDEO


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21 August 2012, 11:33
Change log:
- crossfader works for audio & midi same time

Please let us know your feedback! Thanks...
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11 September 2012, 17:57
Important Update: Please use firmware attached for SERATO VIDEO, thanks!
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24 January 2013, 01:14
how do you install the firmware on the mac


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05 February 2013, 00:35
did you install the firmware for serato video (IQ2 MIDI)?  :-\

I need help I have the IQ2 MIDI mixer not updating correctly as firemware? thank,..


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  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Firmware Version: v1916
  • Software: Serato DJ
  • Software Version: 1.9.3
05 February 2013, 09:25
How to upgrade the firmware:

1. To execute the firmware updating, please press the TAP/BPM button + 2nd button of crossfader effect (please refer to the drawing attached above), then power up.

2. Connect the USB cable to your PC.

3. Run the IQ2_FirmwareUpdate.jar program.

Important: The “IQ2_FirmwareUpdate.jar” and “sys.ini” program should be in same folder, the “IQ2_FirmwareUpdate.jar” is a java program, please ensure your PC has installed with “Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ” before run the update program.

4. You can see the “Select MIDI Device” screen, please select “Reloop IQ2” then “Open File” (IQ2Midi_v1.08.bin that attached with the email).

5. Click “Start” to update the firmware.

6. To check the firmware version after upgrading, you may press the TAP/BPM button + 1st button of crossfader effect then power up to check the firmware version, to exit the firmware version check mode, you may press the FX/ON button + 3rd button of crossfader effect to exit.


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13 February 2013, 00:08

I have updated the firmware (IQ2Midi_v1.36.bin) for mixer  IQ2 MIDI  :D,

now my problem is If I assign L1/ph1 channel audio works only , if asigno MIDI1 works only midi channel.
as I can do, so that  Crossfader works for audio & midi Same Time ?  :-\