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No pad velocity when using as a general midi device?


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11 March 2018, 01:56

I'm using Neon as a midi trigger in Ableton and all pad hits are coming in at 127 velocity no matter how hard I hit the trigger.

The product description says they are touch sensitive so I'm probably missing something obvious, any help appreciated!


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  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Firmware Version: 19
  • Reloop Product: Terminal Mix 8
  • Software: Traktor Pro
  • Software Version: 2.11.0
11 March 2018, 14:36
Pad velocity only active in Sampler Mode...
You can activate / deactivate the velocity by a Button Combination.
Please see the Manual for further information.


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11 March 2018, 17:18
Thanks for your prompt replies!

I'm actually getting some ghosted midi note entries when using this thing as well now, and I'm guessing that velocity is actually not transmitted when it's in general midi mode anyways, going to return this and get the ddj-xp1, way more suited to my needs and only 100 bucks more. Thanks for your help! Feel free to delete this thread.
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