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Keyfadr mapping does not work with ableton 9.7


  • Regular Member
  • Computer: Windows 7
  • Reloop Product: Keyfadr
  • Software: Ableton Live
  • Software Version: 9.7.1
02 February 2017, 19:30
Hi, sorry for my english (i'm french), I bought keyfadr a few day ago and i tried to use with ableton ( i use FL Studio normally) but Ableton does not recognize it, "Keyfadr" is in midi configuration but the mapping does not work, just keyboard for vst work, i tried to reinstall ableton, i tried to change preset with midi editor, but it still does not work.

I hope you understand me.
Thank you in advance


  • Member
  • Computer: Windows 10
  • Reloop Product: Keypad
  • Software: Ableton Live Lite
  • Software Version: 9.7
02 October 2017, 15:23
I seem to b struggling with the same problem with my keypad. I just bought mine brand new and at the moment it's sitting there like a paper weight.