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cup cue and play buttons right deck works vice versa then the left deck

Bert Appeldoorn

  • Member
  • Computer: Windows Vista
  • Reloop Product: Digital Jockey 2 (Master Edition)
  • Software: Traktor Pro LE
06 October 2017, 16:34
hi people, i,ve the reloop master edition,and the stranged thing is, the the play cue en cup buttons from the right deck works vice versa, then the same knops on the left deck.

i mean the cup button is the play button, the cue is stop button the play button is doing nothing?
is this normaly? the buttons on the left deck works so as it has to be.

and if i would do a firmware upgrade then is not come the midi upg disk screen, with other words i cant upgrade the reloop master edition, i use traktor LE version from the interface edition it worsk on this reloop controller but i cant change buttons in this software, has somebody the solutions? or is the controller damaged inside? someone helps me?