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[SOLVED]help, contour controller does not turn


  • Regular Member
  • Computer: Mac OS 10.10
  • Reloop Product: Contour (Interface Edition)
  • Software: VirtualDJ Pro
  • Software Version: 8.2
20 June 2016, 12:06
my English is poor, I hope you understand me.
update the firmware, power cycle and not relit, does absolutely nothing does not work, or when connected via USB or a power supply
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  • Computer: Mac OS 10.10
  • Firmware Version: 0.06
  • Reloop Product: RP-8000
  • Software: Serato DJ
  • Software Version: 1.6.3
23 June 2016, 16:56
Dear Yousan, Contour is an old product and there is no more software or firmware support for the latest OS, I am sorry.

Kind regards, Matthias