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Contour Interface Edition Driver Support for OSX High Seirra 10.12


  • Regular Member
  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Reloop Product: Contour (Interface Edition)
  • Software: Traktor Pro
  • Software Version: 2.9
11 February 2018, 16:42
When can we get the updated driver support for OSX High Seirra 10.12?
A lot of us are still waiting for a long time. Come on Reloop.

DJ Jeff Hax

  • Regular Member
  • Computer: Mac OS 10.11
  • Firmware Version: .24
  • Reloop Product: RMX-80
  • Software: Traktor Pro
  • Software Version: 2.10.1
29 March 2018, 16:14
Reloop has discontinued the support on the IE for a long time.
Try to experiment with the older drivers, see if its working some way.
I suggest to try the Maverick drivers.
Seems to work on Yosemite and El Capitan as well....