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  • Computer: Mac OS 10.8
  • Reloop Product: Beatpad 2
  • Software: Serato DJ
12 September 2017, 14:19
Hi Does anyone know if I can map the BeatPad to work Serato DJ USING the RANE SL2 as my audio card. In other words using the beat pad JUST as a midi without having to pay for Scratch DJ because I have the Rare SL2


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  • Computer: macOS 10.12
  • Reloop Product: RMX-90DVS
  • Software: Serato DJ
  • Software Version: 1.9.6
19 September 2017, 16:52
Hello Bobchristy,

yes, you can use the Beatpad as a secondary midi controller when using the Sl2 as primary device. As there is no dedicated mapping you will have to map all controls of your need on your own. You can simply do this via the midi mapping panel in Serato. Further be sure that functions like eqs and mixer faders won't work for midi mapping.

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