Zumbido beatmix4


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  • Computer: Android
  • Reloop Product: Beatmix 4
  • Software: Traktor Pro
  • Software Version: 2.11
16 July 2017, 23:12
Hi, I have a beatmix 4 controller and I have a buzzing sound coming out of the sound card when I want.
That buzz makes the pre-listener cage for the somewhat distorted Master.
Someone knows something or this happened to him.
thank you very much.


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  • Computer: Windows 7
  • Reloop Product: Beatmix
  • Software: Serato DJ Intro
24 July 2017, 21:42
Hello, it happens to me aswell, i dont know where this sound come from but is so annoying, and sometimes is louder than the music im mixing