launch midi editor for keypad


  • Member
  • Computer: Windows 10
  • Reloop Product: Keypad
  • Software: Ableton Live
  • Software Version: 9
08 April 2017, 16:17

working on windows 10 and Ableton Live 9 I have updatet Keyloops firmware following the five steps in the instruction manual.

1. Connect the the Reloop Keypad / Keyfadr via USB to your computer
2. Run the included update.exe and be sure the Keypad.led / Keyfadr.led file is
within the same folder
3. Follow the steps on screen and press any button
4. Un-plug the device and re-plug it again. The device is now in firmware upgrade mode
5. Open the updater.exe again and the update will proceed
>> Once finished close the updater window by hitting any key

All done, seems ok, but no midi editor launch, neither I know where to find a .exe or other possibility to launch midi editor

thnx for help


  • Member
  • Computer: iOS
  • Firmware Version: 2.2
  • Reloop Product: Contour (Controller Edition)
  • Software: Serato Scratch Live
  • Software Version: 2.2
07 June 2017, 06:27
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